Industrial DDR4 RDIMM RAM Temperature Range -40℃ to 85℃.



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Industrial DDR4 RDIMM is based on 16C+2C 1024M x8-bit DDR4 FBGA components (2C DRAM for ECC function). The SPD is programmed following JEDEC standard for 3200Mbps timing of 22-22-22 at 1.2V low power.
This product design specification reference JEDEC standard (No. 21C) DDR4 Registered DIMM Design raw-card E3.
This 288-pin RDIMM uses 30u gold contact fingers and requires +1.2V power supply.
This RDIMM product can work normally in harsh industrial environment with temperature range from -40℃ to 85℃.
It is widely used in specific application fields such as embedded computers, industrial computers, and reinforced servers.