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Yunhight ZQ6311 SSD

NVMe GEN3 SSD M.2 Industrial Solid State Drive


Yunhight ZQ5310 SSD

2.5 SATA SSD Industrial Solid State Drive


Yunhight XN5310 SSD

SATA III SSD M.2 Enterprise Solid State Drive


Yunhight XN5100 SSD

NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD U.2 Solid State Drive


Yunhight ZQ5310M SSD

mSATA SSD III Industrial Solid State Drive


Industrial  Applications

· Industrial grade products with high-speed performance and stable power supply

· Providing intelligent end-to-end destruction and data path protection functions

· Wide temperature range of -40 ° C~85 ° C

· Supporting long-term operation in harsh environments.

Enterprise Data Center

High performance and long lifespan enterprise level storage solutions

We provide customers various specifications of Flash products with high stability, high reliability, and long life-span, which fully meeting the diversified business needs of enterprise level customers.

Six Core Advantages

Provide data storage solutions of high performance, high reliability and high stability.

First – Class  Standard

Every Product Meets or Exceeds the High Level of Standards

Strict  Research  System

Implement Product Lifecycle Management Based on IPD Process

Reliable  Quality  System

Implementing E2E Full Process Quality Management Based on IPD Process

Stable Supply Chain

Deep Cooperation with Samsung, Hynix, Kioxia to support various solutions

Worldwide  Serving

Our products have been proved in data center, telecommunication, transportation, aerospace and other fields all over the world.

Excellent  Customer  Support

Provide customers with timely product consultation, customized solutions, technical support, and other personalized services.

Experienced research and development team

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