Memory Solutions for Industrial Applications

High-performance storage solution is required in the challenging industrial environments.

High temperature, severe cold, humidity, vibration, impact.

The industrial environment is full of challenges. The device vibrates for a long time and the product is prone to impact during high-speed rotation. In addition, it has to work under quick changes of environmental temperature. Industrial applications require flawless accuracy, high-speed performance, and stable supply.

Is your device reliable enough to adapt in such challenging situations?

Key Challenges

Accuracy and performance

Advanced manufacturing processes require high precision and performance in order to quickly produce high-quality products.

stability and reliability

In industrial applications, malfunctions or shutdowns can bring high costs, therefore, the stability and reliability of equipment are particularly important.

Large application challenges

Different industrial applications have significant differences in environmental challenges and requirements, so each solution must be customized and adjusted according to specific applications.


Excellent Performance

YUNHIGHT industrial-grade SSD has high-end continuous performance, with features available such as intelligent destruction, PLP, DRAM, Sanitize, S.M.A.R.T, End-to-End and Data Path Protection. The YUNHIGHT industrial solution meets all the needs of industrial applications and is widely used by professional customers.

High Reliability

YUNHIGHT solution is committed to providing high stability and reliability, ensuring that modules can operate normally and consistently in harsh environment.

Customized Solution

With the advanced internal hardware and firmware research and development technology, YUNHIGH industrial solution provides excellent customized services according to specific industrial application scenarios, providing storage solutions that meet customers’practical requirements.