Enabling video cloud opening, enhance user experience by streaming media technology

Streaming media technology, also known as streaming media technology, refers to the network transmission technology that compresses and processes continuous video and audio information and puts it on a website server, allowing users to watch and listen while downloading, rather than waiting for the entire compressed file to be downloaded to their computer before viewing. This technology first creates a buffer on the user’s computer, and the next segment of data is used as a buffer before playback. When the actual network connection speed is less than the playback speed, the playback program will take a small segment of data in the buffer, which can avoid playback interruption and ensure playback quality.

An AWS streaming and video cloud storage service optimized for media. It can provide you with the necessary performance, consistency, and low latency to deliver real-time streaming content. The excellent performance of this service, combined with cost-effective long-term storage, can meet the demands of the most demanding media delivery workloads.

The rapid development of the Kaiyun Sports Internet has made data more diverse and rich. Its fragmentation and immediacy have just filled the data gap after users leave their desktop computers, thus fully outlining their lives with existing internet data. Kaiyun Sports kytiu.com achieves the digitization of daily life. With the further accumulation and improvement of data, as well as the connection and cross utilization of data from different channels, the imagination of sports big data will definitely become broader.

Kaiyun Sports video transmission has been optimized to deliver excellent performance to meet the unique requirements of highly scalable and high-quality media workloads. This means that you can provide consistent service quality to the audience, reduce the risk of buffering videos, and shorten end-to-end latency. Enable users to choose different live streaming control modules based on their pursuit of excellence in live streaming. In the directory, users can distinguish whether they want to start the next live streaming from the cover image.